Campbells Pottery

Today Marge Gormley, Austin Weiland and I went to visit Bill Campbell's studio in Cambridge Springs, PA. We learned about his computer controlled kilns. His envelope kiln was especially great!
He also brought us through his slipcasting, slip and clay processing/recycling system, mold making, and product/shipping warehouse. He was very generous, and shared a true wealth of information with us. Thank you Bill.
The Arrival

The slip and clay processing/conditioning area

Clay compressor/ It looks kinda like a concertina from the side. It makes recycled clay into dense, square slabs.
Marge, looking up at the envelope kiln. This beast is a completely sealed, gas-fired kiln. Notice the empty shelves ready to be loaded, and for the kiln shell to slide over it.

A glimpse of the mold room, where Bills prototypes are realized in large quantities.