In the name of science

We were looking at images in history class last Thursday and a Jason Briggs image came up.
 He displays his work like a specimen on thin rods. It didn't occur to me that this method had creeped into my head until I started looking up images of fish specimens, and in doing so found a puffer fish displayed on two small rods secured to a wooden base.  I have not been able to re-find that puffer fish but I did find a great old photo of a Grouper being colored. 

I have also found that it is easier to work on these fish when they are propped up by skewers. you can fill in any unwanted holes after you are done modeling, and balance the piece on a clay pad.

Propped up with skewers secured into 2 holes drilled into mdf

Finished modeling. supported on clay pad wrapped in plastic to prevent from drying out

Thank you Jason Briggs for using awesome display methods
Grouper being hand colored