Summer Happenings/ MFA Thesis crisis

Here are a few new sculptures that I have finished this spring. Each of them are currently in exhibitions. Unnerving Anticipation is at the Meadville Coulcil on the Arts, Breathing Exercise is at Youngstown University in Ohio, and Dirty Martini is at "Critics Choice" invitational at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, Maine. I'm excited to have already had my work in eight separate exhibitions this year, and in six different states, but I have some haunting questions.

 Each of these pieces are quite different stylistically, formally, in scale and in finish. They're all made by me though. As an artist, Is sticking to a style necessary? Is it appropriate for artists to experiment with different modes of expression? If an artist isn't recognizable, will they be successful?

I am a student at the moment, and for that reason I suppose that I am given more flexibility to experiment. I am not always compelled to make the same type of work, but I do always work with a concern for the environment as a main source of inspiration. Is this enough? can/should each idea be executed with the same style, or does each scenario deserve a unique approach?

I will be mulling on these questions during this summer, and hopefully find some confidence to stick to one answer or another, before I start in on my thesis work.
Unnerving Anticipation
Unnerving Anticipation

Breathing Exercise

Dirty Martini